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They have been called many things, however in their native country of the Philippines they are more commonly known as Peacock Chairs.  These beautifully ornate chairs are guaranteed to make a statement in any room and are handcrafted using Buri, a native plant leaf that is known for its robust and flexible nature.

World of Wicker are directly importing these beautiful Peacock Chairs, along with a range of accessories, exclusively to the UK.  Constantly in stock and available for faster delivery, we have a chair for every budget.

These wonderfully unique chairs will make an impact in any room in the house, however they have also been used in various hotel lobbies across the country, as well as being used as props by a number of designers and the BBC.

We welcome orders of any size, from individual items to larger bulk purchases, and may be able to offer discount for wholesale orders. 

 The Twist Base Peacock is our entry-level chair, priced at just £49, however it's dimensions still allow for it to make a real statement.

For a more elaborate design, we offer the Majestic and Ballustre Peacocks, which really show off the flair of our craftsmen in the Philippines.  These double weave chairs are built with strength and durability in mind.

Finally our Hong Kong Peacock is the largest chair in the range, standing at 70" tall and almost 50" across.  It's barrel-style seat again allows for extra strength, while retaining the ornate design in the arms and the arch.

Please feel free to view the range below, along with our complimenting accessories: 

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